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Introducing 4MyTeam

4MyTeam is a collection of tools that make ordering team apparel hassle free. Order with Print, open a store with Shop, and manage your team with Play. We’re very fast, ready to help, and work with budgets. Solving customer problems daily, we handle the gear so you can get back to doing what you love.

team orders made easy.

Get your team’s brand on dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of items. We stock top brands and our team is standing by to help. Do it all online or call us.

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Your players and fans want spirit wear; that’s what we do. We’ve made online store setup a snap, and even help promote it. Players and fans shop online and gear can be shipped direct. Let us handle your spirit store so you can get back to coaching.

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League and team management tools

Running a league is hard. Ordering uniforms for the entire league is really hard. We’re developing this solution to simplify things, to give time back to both league managers and coaches.

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Creating a Fun and Safe Practice Atmosphere

(469) 631-9113

Tough practices take a toll on athletes, and it’s only so long before they dread attending. At the very least, you can create an atmosphere that’s enjoyable to be in! This way, both you and your athletes can feel excited about attending practice.

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Olentangy Braves - Maintain Focus; Let Us Handle The Gear

Olentangy Braves - Maintain Focus; Let Us Handle The Gear

The cheerleaders of Olentangy High School prove to be dynamic, driven young women crushing goals and destroying stereotypes.


4 Problem Solving Techniques Athletes Learn From Your Practices

4 Problem Solving Techniques Athletes Learn From Your Practices

We are a company full of problem solvers. It’s our goal to help minimize issues coaches have when it comes to apparel and gear for their team. We got to thinking about problem solving and how that relates back to our customers...

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Ares Sportswear - Better Than Ever, Just What You Need


Hey coaches, we understand. We know you signed up to coach, not handle money, designs, and sizing for uniforms. But that seems to take up a lot of your time doesn’t it? We know. We’re here to solve every problem in the process to get you the gear your team needs.

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Backorders - How do we feel?


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